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Ensaaf is a nonprofit organization working to end impunity and achieve justice for mass state crimes in India, with a focus on Punjab.

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“Ensaaf is doing today in Punjab, what others had given up, bringing hope to victims and challenging perpetrators through critical legal inputs.”

— Rajvinder S. Bains, Punjab human rights attorney

Selected Materials:

Ensaaf Brochure
Download Ensaaf's brochure presenting our mission, strategies, and notable achievements.
Have questions about Ensaaf? Read our answers to FAQs.
Groundbreaking Report
Read more about Ensaaf's success in conducting innovative documentation projects, releasing groundbreaking reports, advancing key cases through critical litigation support, and engaging international experts.
Kulwant Singh
Peruse Ensaaf videos, photo essays, and podcasts. The videos draw from raw footage shot during the period of abuses, as well as contemporary interviews with survivors.